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The Cost of Ignorance: What You Don't Know About Performance-Based Insurance™ Can Save Your Company Millions

THE COST OF IGNORANCE, published by Voxie Media, is a riveting business novella by insurance veteran Bob Phelan. Told in the form of a story, it punctures confusing insurance jargon and introduces a powerful new concept for middle market companies: a little-known form of insurance known as Performance-Based Insurance™ (PBI) costs less and can save a company millions of dollars over time.

The tale unfolds through the misadventures of Timothy Franculli, owner of a wholesale manufacturing company that is about to go broke because of escalating liability and health insurance costs. Timothy attends a conference in San Francisco where he runs into an old friend and learns about PBI, a type of insurance that could save his struggling company hundreds of thousands of dollars per year.

But there is a catch. Typically, in order to qualify for PBI, a company must have a strong safety culture where worker injuries and accidents are controlled and reasonably predictable. Franculli has a lot of catching up to do after a series of employee injuries the year before caused his worker’s compensation premiums to skyrocket 40 percent. Buy the book to find out what happens next…

Check out the Q & A with Bob – and more – on the book website.

Publisher: Voxie Media Books

Book designer: Alex Miles Younger

eISBN: 978-0-9886203-1-5
ISBN:  978-0-9886203-0-8

eBook development: eBookArchitects
eCover: 1106design
Editing: Barbara McNichol Editorial
Proofreading: Great Green Editing

The very cool hardcover jacket by Alex Miles Younger

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