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Why “Too Busy” Is the Wrong Excuse For Not Writing a Book

“I’m too busy right now.” The voices reverberate in your brain. “If I could just find more mental space.” “If I could find more blocks of free time.” “Then… I’d be able to write my book.” You can visualize it. A smooth empty highway stretches out in front of you. You sit down to write. Applying fingers to the keyboard, you race […]

Don’t write your eBook alone. Professionals don’t, so why should you?

Writing a book or eBook completely by yourself is lonely and difficult. Professional authors don’t do it that way, so why should you? You need a team to write, edit, design and publish an eBook, just as you need a team to launch a new product. That’s why I decided to offer my Summer Shipping Package again. As of this […]

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