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Seth Godin asked me to co-author his next book

Seth GodinI was sitting at my desk this morning, head down, minding my own business, not procrastinating, being productive, working on my new book… and Seth calls. Now this is not as nutty as it sounds. I’ve known Seth for years. I’m an unabashed member of the Seth tribe. I consider him an unofficial mentor. He inspires and provokes me, always. Here’s my interview with Seth on YouTube.

But this call was different. Seth was looking for a co-author for his next book, he said. And he wondered if I had the time to help him out.

OMG. Yes. What other answer could there be?!

Did he need me to drop everything and take the next train to New York from DC?

Did he need me to research topics or titles?

Did he need me to mop the floor or take out the trash?

Yes, of course I was available…

Ha! April Fool’s. Did I get you?

On April 1, 2010, Bill Gates called to hire me for Twitter coaching.

And on April 1, 2006, Bill called to ask me to ghostwrite his blog.

April Fool’s jokes are a tradition on my blog. I couldn’t resist and I hope Seth won’t mind.


  • Desiree Scales

    You never know. Now he just might! LOL! Good one!

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