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Why it’s OK to take a Gap Year After Sixty

debbie_sam_1972Whoa… my husband Sam and I are starting our Gap Year today, 40 years after we were supposed to take time out before starting real life. Wait, we’ve had a real life. This is a little meta. Don’t worry; Voxie Media will continue full speed ahead as a location-independent enterprise.

A gap year, as you may know, is an intentional “time out” that students take at age 18 before enrolling in college. It started out as a British expression (Prince William took one in Chile) but it’s caught on in the U.S. in recent years.

As Wikipedia defines it:

“During this year, students engage in extra-academic and non-academic courses, language studies, volunteer work, travel, internships, sports and more, all for the purpose of improving themselves and their resumes before going to college.”

Ha! Neither Sam nor I has any intention of getting additional academic degrees. But we do want to:

  • Learn to speak French fluently
  • Travel to places we haven’t been
  • Change the meaning of work

I’ve started a new blog with Sam, GapYearAfterSixty, to chronicle our adventures. I hope you’ll take a look and leave a comment, if you’re inspired to offer advice or suggestions.

We’re age 19 in the photo above.

Today’s post: Why it’s OK to have a (non)plan for a Gap Year

And a first blog post (ever) from Sam:

Stepping into the void after 31 years

He’s good, huh?!



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