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Q. & A. With Business Author Scott Berkun on His Unsettling New Memoir

Scott Berkun is one of my favorite business authors. He’s honest, insightful and – the ultimate yardstick – a beautiful writer. He has written on the topics of leadership, creativity and public speaking. Now he has published his first memoir, The Ghost of My Father, a revealing exploration of his difficult and painful relationship with his father. I’ve just started […]

Don’t write your eBook alone. Professionals don’t, so why should you?

Writing a book or eBook completely by yourself is lonely and difficult. Professional authors don’t do it that way, so why should you? You need a team to write, edit, design and publish an eBook, just as you need a team to launch a new product. That’s why I decided to offer my Summer Shipping Package again. As of this […]

Book Lust: How to Write a Short Nonfiction Book in 8 Weeks

Following is a draft of the introduction for the book I am working on. Book Lust is the new placeholder title. I’d love feedback on the title and the book concept. If you are like most Americans – or anyone anywhere, for that matter – you have dreamt about writing a book. It’s on your bucket list for one reason […]

Make Your Idea Matter: how Bernadette Jiwa turned her award-winning blog into a bestselling book

Make Your Idea Matter

I stumbled across Bernadette Jiwa‘s lovely short book, Make Your Idea Matter, via a brief mention on Seth Godin‘s blog. Bernadette is a rare talent in a special niche: she is a brand name consultant and founder of The Story of Telling. Born in Dublin, she is based in Perth, Australia which she calls “one of the world’s most isolated cities […]

Is writing a book on your 2013 list? Go for it.

You may have missed my bleeps around the interwebs about the opening of Beta Author Boost. Launching a program during the Presidential debates was not the best timing. Oops. The program runs from  Nov. 15, 2012 – Jan. 24, 2013. Beta Author is a unique online workshop to help you write a short, kick-ass (aka high quality) eBook in 8 weeks. It […]

Why writing a book (even a short one) is scary

Lizard Brain

I’m going to divert from the official line for a minute and talk about FEAR as it relates to writing a book. The official line of the publishing revolution goes something like this, “Gee whiz, now anyone can write and publish an eBook to Kindle. Hey it’s as easy as writing a blog post and hitting publish!” Ha! If only […]

What eBook authors need to know about copyright [VID]

As an eBook author, you may have questions about copyright and about how to protect your digital content. You may also be asking whether you need to take legal steps to protect your eBook. I decided to check in with attorney Rachel Rodgers for some answers. Rachel specializes in business law for entrepreneurs and runs an online law practice, Rachel Rodgers Law Office. […]

Price vs. value: what is an eBook worth?

When you say, “What is an eBook worth?” are you asking what the price of an eBook should be. Or are you posing the question: what is the value you get from downloading and reading an eBook? Aha. Two different things, right? Let’s look at value from two different perspectives: that of the author and that of the reader. The […]

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