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What We Offer

Time_to_write_iStock_000031114422SmallIs becoming a published author on your bucket list? Are you struggling to get your book idea out of your head and down onto the page? Are you plagued by self-doubt and not sure how to start or finish? You’ve landed in the right place. I love to work with people just like you.

I help busy experts write and publish high-impact books

My company, Voxie Media, specializes in working with smart people who have trouble writing. We help them start, finish and publish compelling business books. We work with authors to articulate big ideas such as leadership, innovation, effective communication, and workplace productivity. I work with you on the writing part. Then my hand-picked team of editors and designers turn your words into a polished manuscript and a published eBook and print edition.

We specialize in short, beautiful books

The Cost of Ignorance revised e-coverOur specialty is short books (100 pages or less) because they are doable projects. Easier to write. And easier to read. We specialize in beautiful book design and the highest editorial standards. See an example here. Our authors all have one thing in common: they are extremely busy, highly knowledgeable and super smart. But they struggle with the writing process and often don’t know where to start or how to go about writing a book. Does that sound like you?

Let me help you Knock Down what is holding you back

forty five minutes iconAre you running into stumbling blocks with your book project? From time to time, I open my calendar to offer 45-minute Knock Down sessions. These are gratis coaching sessions where we knock down what’s holding you back and talk about next steps. Click here to choose a day and time.

If you don’t see any slots, contact me and put Knock Down in your Subject Line. Let’s talk.  - Debbie


I offer several online programs for business authors who want help writing a short, professional and stylish eBook or book.


My most popular program is Beta Author Boost, an 8-week intensive writing program for serious up-and-coming business authors. [Note: the Beta Author program is currently on hiatus while I work one-to-one with a limited number of authors.]

The Cost of Ignorance revised e-cover As an example of what Beta Authors can accomplish, here is the cover of Voxie Media author Bob Phelan‘s book: THE COST OF IGNORANCE.

It’s a riveting business novella that punctures confusing insurance jargon and introduces a powerful new form of insurance for middle-market companies: Performance-Based Insurance™.


I’m developing several shorter online programs related to writing and publishing an eBook. They will be available on Ruzuku. One is called ATTENTION! Get Your eBook Noticed, Loved and Shared. To be the first to hear when this new program launches, click here.

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I offer one-on-one book coaching for experienced professionals who want to write and publish a short (100 pages or less) business book. The emphasis is always on publishing an eBook first, with a softcover or print edition to come later.

We dig deep

Together, we refine the business goal of your book, dig deep to identify your most compelling book idea and bake the marketing of your book into the manuscript .

We schedule non-negotiable writing blocks into your calendar and build a customized arsenal of writing tactics to defeat procrastination, lack of clarity and other common roadblocks.

Feedback on your writing

My role? To be your professional editor (full disclosure: I am very tough) and your muse. I support, inspire and prod so you can ship a completed eBook within the timeframe you set.

Also included is my high-level feedback on your writing. This means pointing out what works, what sings, what questions are raised, what is missing and how to create the most value for your readers.

Note: a typical client is already writing and producing content via a blog, articles, white papers or presentations. He or she may already have written a book.

1-on-1 support

We work together via Skype video, typically meeting twice a month for 50-minute sessions. In between sessions, we communicate via email so that you are always supported.

Also included

Access to the  course materials provided to Beta Author Boost participants, including my essays on the writing process, action step handouts, edited transcripts with guest experts and more.

Contact me through the button below.

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Voxie Media works with selected authors to take their book idea from concept to professionally-designed eBook (and a beautiful print edition if desired). Here is an example.

Full package includes:

Our Full Package includes one-on-one assistance at every step of the book writing and publishing process:

  • 1:1 book coaching with Debbie to help you write your best possible book
  • Feedback on your writing (I’m a tough love editor)
  • My help choosing a killer title (essential to the success of your book)
  • Professional editing and proofreading
  • Professional and stylish cover design so your eBook pops from your Amazon page
  • High-quality conversion of your manuscript to eBook format for Kindle and the other e-readers
  • Publishing of your eBook to the Kindle platform (including category and keyword selection)
  • Pricing strategy
  • Sizzling marketing copy for your Amazon Kindle page
  • Enrollment in Amazon’s KDP Select program
  • A launch and promotion plan for your book that fits your business goals and maximizes initial sales
  • A strategy for how to leverage social media in a way that is comfortable for you
  • Advice on how to leverage traditional publicity
  • Complete information on how e-publishing works and how you can take advantage of it
  • Personal introduction to my best publishing and book promotion resources
  • Full access to the course materials for Beta Author Intensive, including action step handouts, frameworks, secrets to the writing process and interviews with well-known guest experts
  • Curation of every aspect of your book, from editing to design to formatting, to ensure highest standards
  • Personal attention from me at every step

Not included but available for an additional fee:

  • Interior book design for a print edition
  • A cutting edge book website
  • An author video and/or book trailer

Base price

The base price to work with a client from book idea to published Kindle eBook starts at $3,000 a month. Typically, it takes 5 months to go from idea to published eBook.The price can be higher if your book requires extensive editing.

As noted above, not included in the base price are book design for a printed version, a book website and video trailer. These are additional costs.

Normally, we work with only a handful of Full Package authors a year. Voxie Media selects books for our own imprint based on the strength and provocativeness of the author’s book idea, the quality of his or her writing and the ability to execute.

Contact me

To get started, click the button below and tell me in a few sentences about your book project, your writing experience and your business goals. I promise to get back to you quickly.

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