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What business authors can steal from NaNoWriMo


Repeat after me: NaNoWriMo. Don’t you love the acronym for National Novel Writing Month? It kicks off annually on Nov. 1st. Last year over 170,000 people from around the world took part. They wrote over 3 billion words in 30 days. Beyond the catchy name, this crazy sprint to write the draft of a novel in one month has lots […]

When it comes to writing a book, are you a Maximizer or a Satisficer?


I’ve been thinking a lot lately about how I make decisions. I like to consider every option. I use multiple variables to triangulate. I want to make the best, most perfect decision. The excellent choice. In fact, I proudly used the word triangulate in explaining to my husband why it was taking me weeks to purchase a plane ticket for our Gap […]

What you can write in 15 minutes a day


Writing a (short) book may be on your bucket list. But we’re deep into August in the U.S., peak time for summer vacation. If you’re not splayed out on your hammock or a beach chair, you’re probably chomping to leave work early. Why not ignore your BIG WRITING PROJECT for the rest of the summer because you just don’t have […]

A two-minute talk: tapping into the hunger for change at World Domination Summit 2013


My mind is buzzing with new ideas about work and life (and how you can combine them) after attending the World Domination Summit for the first time. I am also bathed in the glow of connection and acceptance and graciousness. What a lovely bunch of people (2,800 of them) at #WDS2013. We convened in Portland, OR this past weekend for a […]

10 years of blogging: the value of drip, drip, drip content


As of June 2013 I’ve been blogging for a decade. A cause for celebration? Perhaps. Maybe a pause for reflection is enough. First, I want to thank my readers and offer you a small gift for hanging in there with me: The Corporate Blogging Book [Updated Edition] will be $0.00 on Amazon Kindle from June 7 – 10, 2013 to celebrate. NOTE: […]

Why it’s OK to take a Gap Year After Sixty


Whoa… my husband Sam and I are starting our Gap Year today, 40 years after we were supposed to take time out before starting real life. Wait, we’ve had a real life. This is a little meta. Don’t worry; Voxie Media will continue full speed ahead as a location-independent enterprise. A gap year, as you may know, is an intentional “time out” […]

Don’t write your eBook alone. Professionals don’t, so why should you?


Writing a book or eBook completely by yourself is lonely and difficult. Professional authors don’t do it that way, so why should you? You need a team to write, edit, design and publish an eBook, just as you need a team to launch a new product. That’s why I decided to offer my Summer Shipping Package again. As of this […]

Announcing Look, Lead, Love and Learn by Bill Sheridan


Beta Author Bill Sheridan‘s new eBook, Look, Lead, Love, Learn, was published this week by Voxie Media. It’s $0.00 today and I encourage you to download  it and take a look at what a short, polished eBook on a business topic looks like. Bill Sheridan is chief communications officer and a veteran blogger for the Maryland Association of CPAs award-winning blog, […]

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