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Reinventing Your Story: Hire me to speak

cover_slide_debbie_weilI speak to older professionals about the possibilities and challenges of reinventing life and work.

My new keynote is Reinventing Your Story: Reinvent Your Life By Designing Your Own Story 

It’s based on my experience of pivoting numerous times in my career, from journalist to blogging expert to book publisher, and now, at age 65, embarking on another chapter. And from reinventing life by leaving Washington D.C. after 31 years and moving with my husband to an island off the coast of Maine.

But even a dramatic move to a new place does not automatically translate into reinvention. Reinvention is a process, not a place. I’ve learned that the hard way. In my talk I share three keys to guide you in reinventing your life story.

You’ve heard the adage that baby boomers reinvent, they don’t retire. No matter what your age, you can take advantage of the opportunity to reinvent your story.

Named one of the Most Influential Women in Technology by Fast Company, I have spoken at major conferences and before business groups throughout the U.S., Canada, the UK, Europe, Australia, the Middle East and China.

Reinventing Your Story [excerpt]

Taking a Gap Year After Sixty

My main stage talk at the World Domination Summit in front of an audience of 3,000. I start speaking at 00:39.

Sampling of keynotes and workshops

Sydney, AUSTRALIA: 5 Truths About Marketing to Baby Boomers [VIDEO and SLIDES]

Montreal, CANADA: Corporate Blogging: a Revolution in Corporate Communications [VIDEO]

Beijing and Shanghai, CHINA: China Blogging Tour for The Corporate Blogging Book

Dubai, UAE: Your Digital Footprint: Personal, Professional or Both? [SLIDES]

Washington D.C.: Finding Your Social Media Sweet Spot [SLIDES]

Washington D.C.: Social Media 101 [Half-day Workshop]

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– Debbie

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