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Tapping into the hunger for change at World Domination Summit 2013

Founder Chris Guillebeau  calls it a carefully curated fest of “community, adventure and service.” I say the World Domination Summit is the most fun I’ve ever had at a conference. That’s why we’re going back to Portland, OR in July 2014. If the 3,000 attendees have a common denominator, it’s that they are in thrall to the idea that you can live […]

How preparing a 5-minute Ignite talk is like writing a short book

Ignite talk: an author is an entrepreneur

Riddle: how is a 5-minute Ignite talk like a short eBook? Both are condensed, both are challenging to create. Giving a five-minute Ignite talk (they’re like mini TED talks) is a tricky performance: your slides advance automatically every 15 seconds and your words have to match up. Five minutes – and 20 slides – is not much time to get across your idea. […]

Strutting the boards: what you can learn from acting

I made my stage debut this summer in a local production in Stonington, ME. Wow. It was both scary and exciting. Acting is very different from speaking before a business audience. There is always an element of performance when you’re delivering a keynote. But this was something new. Luckily, it was a 10-minute play written by a local playwright so […]

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