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Why “Too Busy” Is the Wrong Excuse For Not Writing a Book

“I’m too busy right now.” The voices reverberate in your brain. “If I could just find more mental space.” “If I could find more blocks of free time.” “Then… I’d be able to write my book.” You can visualize it. A smooth empty highway stretches out in front of you. You sit down to write. Applying fingers to the keyboard, you race […]

What business authors can steal from NaNoWriMo

Repeat after me: NaNoWriMo. Don’t you love the acronym for National Novel Writing Month? It kicks off annually on Nov. 1st. Last year over 170,000 people from around the world took part. They wrote over 3 billion words in 30 days. Beyond the catchy name, this crazy sprint to write the draft of a novel in one month has lots […]

When it comes to writing a book, are you a Maximizer or a Satisficer?

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about how I make decisions. I like to consider every option. I use multiple variables to triangulate. I want to make the best, most perfect decision. The excellent choice. In fact, I proudly used the word triangulate in explaining to my husband why it was taking me weeks to purchase a plane ticket for our Gap […]

What you can write in 15 minutes a day

Writing a (short) book may be on your bucket list. But we’re deep into August in the U.S., peak time for summer vacation. If you’re not splayed out on your hammock or a beach chair, you’re probably chomping to leave work early. Why not ignore your BIG WRITING PROJECT for the rest of the summer because you just don’t have […]

10 years of blogging: the value of drip, drip, drip content

As of June 2013 I’ve been blogging for a decade. A cause for celebration? Perhaps. Maybe a pause for reflection is enough. First, I want to thank my readers and offer you a small gift for hanging in there with me: The Corporate Blogging Book [Updated Edition] will be $0.00 on Amazon Kindle from June 7 – 10, 2013 to celebrate. NOTE: […]

Don’t write your eBook alone. Professionals don’t, so why should you?

Writing a book or eBook completely by yourself is lonely and difficult. Professional authors don’t do it that way, so why should you? You need a team to write, edit, design and publish an eBook, just as you need a team to launch a new product. That’s why I decided to offer my Summer Shipping Package again. As of this […]

Unexpected writing lessons from ziplining in the Mexican jungle

The good thing about a great vacation is that you put everything aside and don’t think about much of anything. The bad thing about a great vacation is that it takes a while to find what you put aside. In my case, it’s back to finding sizzling prose for my short eBook – in progress – on the topic of […]

Guy Kawasaki procrastinates like the rest of us

Asked what his writing ritual is during a recent webinar, Guy Kawasaki laughed and said: “Do as I say, not as I do.” What he tells us to do in APE | Author, Publisher, Entrepreneur, his new bestseller with co-author Shawn Welch, is to write every day. As he describes it in the chapter on How to Write Your Book: […]

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