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Seth Godin asked me to co-author his next book

I was sitting at my desk this morning, head down, minding my own business, not procrastinating, being productive, working on my new book… and Seth calls. Now this is not as nutty as it sounds. I’ve known Seth for years. I’m an unabashed member of the Seth tribe. I consider him an unofficial mentor. He inspires and provokes me, always. […]

Book Lust: How to Write a Short Nonfiction Book in 8 Weeks

Following is a draft of the introduction for the book I am working on. Book Lust is the new placeholder title. I’d love feedback on the title and the book concept. If you are like most Americans – or anyone anywhere, for that matter – you have dreamt about writing a book. It’s on your bucket list for one reason […]

[VID] Knock Down 3 Stumbling Blocks Preventing You From Writing a (Short) Book

Watch the replay below of my webinar on the topic of writing a short book. A few nuggets from the presentation: – Develop a daily writing practice – Channel Hemingway (stop at a place where it’s easy to start the next day) – Revel in sh*tty first drafts (means you’re doing it right; thank you Anne Lamott) – Think about […]

Lessons on writing that sucks: from Pam Slim and Betsy Rapoport’s workshop in the red rocks of Sedona

I attended my first writing workshop recently. The red rocks of Sedona were a magnificent setting. The attendees were thoughtful and smart. And the workshop leaders were a perfect blend of inspiring and practical. It added up to a magical weekend whose effects linger still. Oh, and there was a lot of swearing which, somehow, was very helpful. The participants […]

Is writing a nonfiction book a creative endeavor?

If you look online for inspiration, tips and techniques to demystify the writing process, most of what you’ll find relates to fiction writing. But is writing nonfiction so different, really, from writing fiction? I think not. No matter what you’re writing, the process is chaotic. Pulling something out of the mess is hugely creative. Donald Miller describes his writing process for […]

3 tips to use the momentum of NaNoWriMo to write a nonfiction eBook

NaNoWriMo started yesterday! November is National Novel Writing Month and, in case you’ve missed it, this is the 14th year of this nutty annual event. NaNoWriMo is a writing spree for thousands of would-be novelists who commit to churning out 50,000 words of fiction in 30 days. Quality be damned. It’s quantity that counts. The folks who run this free […]

Is writing a book on your 2013 list? Go for it.

You may have missed my bleeps around the interwebs about the opening of Beta Author Boost. Launching a program during the Presidential debates was not the best timing. Oops. The program runs from  Nov. 15, 2012 – Jan. 24, 2013. Beta Author is a unique online workshop to help you write a short, kick-ass (aka high quality) eBook in 8 weeks. It […]

Why writing a book (even a short one) is scary

Lizard Brain

I’m going to divert from the official line for a minute and talk about FEAR as it relates to writing a book. The official line of the publishing revolution goes something like this, “Gee whiz, now anyone can write and publish an eBook to Kindle. Hey it’s as easy as writing a blog post and hitting publish!” Ha! If only […]

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