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Big Ideas. Short Books.

Want the rewards of becoming a published author? START HERE

Founded by Debbie Weil, author of The Corporate Blogging Book

Don’t write alone. Professionals don’t, so why should you?

Is writing a short book on your bucket list?

authorbreathrough_finalI offer a six-month private coaching program, Author Breakthrough. Contact me to learn more. Or click here to sign up for a 20-minute Knock Down session. I open my calendar from time to time to offer these gratis coaching sessions. We knock down what is holding you back from starting or finishing your book and talk about next steps.


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Tom HoodWhat I love about Debbie is that she is much more than a book coach. As an experienced entrepreneur and a leading business speaker, she is in the business world. She understands not just how to write a short book, but how to write a good business book.
– Tom Hood, CEO Maryland Association of CPAs,

What is Beta Author Intensive?

It’s an online program for a small group of professionals (limited to 8 per session) who have a book idea but need support, tough love and guidance to go from idea to completed eBook.

Most writers have so many questions and stumbling blocks

  • How in heck can I write a book when I have so many other commitments?
  • Do I have the right topic for a business book? How do I organize it?
  • How short is short? I want my eBook to be credible.
  • My goal is to be a published author; does an eBook count?
  • What about all the tech stuff? How do I create an eBook and get it onto Amazon?
  • What about promoting my eBook once I publish? How should I price it?

A book can establish you as the go-to expert and can open the door to speaking gigs in cool places. As a published author, you can raise your fees or attract bigger name clients.

But, as you know all too well, to reap the rewards a book can bring you and your business, you have to write it first!

Writing a book completely by yourself, without structure, a deadline, or professional guidance is one of the loneliest things you can do, even if you have a book or online material to guide you.

If you’re like me and many of the authors I work with, you may struggle with procrastination, lack of clarity, and perfectionism.

Yes, I’ve written a full-length book, The Corporate Blogging Book, for Portfolio – a respected New York publisher. Portfolio also publishes Seth Godin’s books.

I was a journalist, both reporter and editor, for two decades. I’ve written hundreds of thousands of words.

But the truth is, without the drumbeat of a deadline, and the input of a talented editor, I never would have finished writing my book. To be honest, it was the most painful and difficult thing I’ve ever done – aside from giving birth three times.

My trademark as a book coach is tough love.

I offer you no-fluff feedback and I give your writing a professional eye derived from several decades experience as a reporter and editor – and as a highly-praised business book author myself.

But I also give you the support and encouragement you need to make significant progress with your writing and to meet your publication deadline.

In addition you join a private Facebook group where the other Beta Authors lend support and offer useful feedback.

You get invaluable tips from guest experts

The program includes recorded interviews with guest speakers on topics such as:

  • Best practices in cover design for an eBook
  • How to price your eBook to sell
  • What you need to know about converting your manuscript to Kindle format
  • How to create a tribe of fans even if you’re not blogging yet
  • Guerrilla tactics to promote an eBook on Amazon
  • And more

Pamela Slim, award-winning author of Escape From Cubicle Nation, talks about writing her next book: the big idea, kitchen-sink first drafts, yellow pads and how the book relates to her business.



Book marketing expert Tim Grahl of Out:Think explains why it’s so important to start with your end game: Why are you writing a book?



Business storyteller Michael Margolis of GetStoried talks about storytelling as a powerful way to reframe your own story and make it part of a nonfiction book.



In an exclusive interview, Copyblogger founder Brian Clark talks about content marketing, how he used it to grow Copyblogger into a multi-million dollar business and how you can use it to promote your book.



Author and innovation strategist Mark Levy unreels the secrets of List Making as a way to dig deep and discover what your most compelling book idea is.



Book designer Alex Miles Younger on why your cover should be a “social object” that readers talk about. Alex designed the covers for Seth Godin’s The Domino Project books.



Beta Author Success Stories

“I wanted Debbie’s no-fluff approach.”

Click here to see Sue’s book on Amazon Kindle.

“I had decided to either publish or abandon the book that had been lingering on my Half Done list for years when Debbie Weil’s email arrived inviting me to join her Beta Author Boost program. She promised to guide us through the writing process – but I was already a writer. Couldn’t I do this alone? Maybe not. I’d read Debbie’s newsletters and The Corporate Blogging Book. I knew she knew her stuff.

For me, the most beneficial aspect of the program has been Debbie’s feedback, original ideas and encouragement for my specific project. And she’s made it fun. By providing me with the right mix of challenge and support, Beta Author Boost helped me reach the point where I can proudly publish. How cool is that?”
– Sue Johnston, author of  Talk To Me: Workplace Conversations That Work (published May 2012)


“Debbie provided insight and guidance in just the right way.”

Click here to learn more about Mark’s book. 

“What technology doesn’t provide is the wisdom or critical thinking that takes a good (book) idea to completion. Debbie just “gets it.”

A successful business owner and author in her own right, she provided insight, guidance, assistance, and direction in just the right way when and where it was needed. I can’t recommend Debbie or her program highly enough.”
Mark Wayland, and author of One Bite At a Time

Photo: Mark Skyping with me from Sydney for one of his book coaching sessions.


“Debbie helped me find the compelling core of my eBook.”

Click here to see Jeanne’s book on Amazon Kindle.

“For years I had the personal goal of writing a book – but that goal never materialized into anything beyond an “idea” file. I signed up for Beta Author Boost to give myself the motivation – and the structure – that was missing. Debbie helped me narrow in on the compelling core for my ebook in no time – invaluable.

Secret of Getting Better CustomersThe Beta Author program gave me the rhythm and deadlines needed to stay on track. And after helping me polish up the manuscript, Debbie passed on valuable vetted resources for cover designers, editors, web designers and eBook converters so the end product is something I can be proud of. It feels great to cross the finish line. Thank you Debbie!”
– Jeanne Rossomme,


“Debbie inspired me to turn my book idea into a narrative.”

Vishwas Lele

Click here to see Vishwas’s book on Amazon Kindle.

“As CTO of a mid-sized software company I don’t think of myself as a creative writer. Debbie prodded and inspired me to turn my book idea into a narrative story with characters and a plot line. It was much more fun to write and I was still able to explain the complexities of next-generation software in the cloud.”

– Vishwas Lele,

Vishwas published The App Economy to Amazon Kindle where it initially jumped to a best seller in the Software Development category. It’s a narrative story that illustrates how the new version of Office™ will fundamentally change the way users think and do business. Learn how Vishwas Lele turned a boring topic into a compelling eBook.

I believe in books and eBooks as tools to change the world

I want to encourage as many writers as possible to take advantage of the publishing revolution,  to write a short book and to become author entrepreneurs.




Debbie Weil
Founder & CEO, Voxie Media

email: contact Debbie
phone: 202.255.1467 Eastern
Stonington, ME and Brooklyn, NY


What previous Beta Authors are saying

Kyle DurandFor years, it has been a goal of mine to write a book, but I did not know where to start. Beta Author Boost was exactly what I needed to jumpstart my writing project. Actionable advice coupled with fantastic resources launched me down the authorship path faster than I ever expected.
– Kyle Durand,


I found the individual coaching incredibly helpful: Debbie is a perceptive listener and editor who is able to hone in on where you are (or are not) in your writing process and expertly guide you to the next level. She provided a rich and deep resource of  practical information that I was able to put to immediate use, drawing on her own experience as a published author, and including the guest experts as well as articles, books and other very current sources of information.
– Cheryl Dolan,


Click here to see Bill’s book on Amazon Kindle.Bill031010_reasonably_small “I never really thought of myself as a book author until I signed up for Beta Author Boost. Debbie convinced me otherwise. Her editing, coaching, and invaluable resources were a huge help in navigating the previously unfamiliar world of e-publishing. Now that I know how to do it, I can’t wait to write my *second* book!”

– Bill Sheridan,

 I met Debbie online in 2004 when she was leading the charge to convince corporations they needed to start blogging. Now she’s pioneering in an even larger and I believe far more important space, the business eBook. I had any number of book ideas floating around in my head, notebooks and electronic files. I was going to get around to it someday. Debbie threw down the challenge to make someday today, and provided the support and guidance to give us all traction.
Don Dunnington,

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